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The Kamau Brathwaite Bibliography
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The Digital Caribbean
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Disturbers of the Peace: Representations of Madness in Anglophone Caribbean Literature (University of Virginia Press, 2013)

Caribbean Articulations: Storytelling in a Digital Age (monograph in progress)

My second book project, Caribbean Articulations: Storytelling in a Digital Age, grows from my interest in my first monograph in the formal and aesthetic choices Caribbean writers make in representing and remaking the region. Beginning with the BBC radio program Caribbean Voices, which ran weekly from 1945 to 1958, this project charts the turn to various forms of technology to (re)create and communicate a Caribbean cosmology.  I argue that these technologies have helped not only to forge a Caribbean literary aesthetic, but also to shape the very idea of the Caribbean as a region simultaneously bound by and situated beyond conventional geographic and temporal boundaries. The project also includes chapters on Kamau Brathwaite’s “Sycorax Video Style,” contemporary author blogs contextualized by the Caribbean autobiographical tradition, the rhetorics of digital archives in conversation with the parameters of digital narrative projects, and the emergence of a distinctly Caribbean cyberculture on social media platforms.

Debates in the Digital Black Atlantic (co-edited with Roopika Risam, collection in progress)