Caribbean Articulations: Storytelling in a Digital Age (draft in progress)

The Digital Black Atlantic, co-editor. Roopika Risam (under review)
Part of the Debates in the Digital Humanities Series, University of Minnesota Press, Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein, Series Editors

Disturbers of the Peace: Representations of Madness in Anglophone Caribbean Literature (2013)


Edited Journal issues and sections

The Work of Paule Marshall Today, for Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal 14.1 (Spring 2017).

The Caribbean Digital, co-eds Kaiama L. Glover and Alex Gil, for sx archipelagos: a small axe journal of digital practice 1 (May 2016). Includes “Editors’ Introduction: The Caribbean Digital” co-written with Kaiama L. Glover and Alex Gil.

Caribbean Epistemologies, special section for Small Axe no. 43 (March 2014). Includes introduction: “Articulating Caribbean Epistemologies” 99-102.


Articles in Progress

“DH Moments, Caribbean Considerations: On Reaction, Response, and Relevance in the Digital Humanities” Digital Humanities Quarterly (forthcoming Spring 2019).

“Cliff Notes: Claiming Michelle” The Scholar and the Feminist Online (accepted for inclusion in special issue on Caribbean Feminisms, Eds Tami Navarro and Tonya Haynes, forthcoming Fall 2019).

“Teaching in the Diaspora” in The Art and Practice of Teaching Literature: Caribbean Writers and Teachers Talking Literature. Eds. Lorna Down and Thelma Baker (forthcoming, under contract with University of West Indies Press).

Social Media and the Caribbean Literary” in Caribbean Literature in Transition, Volume Three: 1970-2015 edited by Ronald Cummings & Alison Donnell (revisions in progress).

“‘The possibility of a collective effervescence’: Afrofuturism, Caribbean Opacity, and Black Freedoms” in Justice in Time: Critical Afrofuturism and Black Freedom. Eds. Elizabeth Reich, Anna Everett and Ryan Kernan (under review).

“After the Collaboration: The Kamau Brathwaite Bibliography” co-authored with Teanu Reid (draft in progress).


Published, Online (open access) Articles

Teaching the Digital Caribbean: The Ethics of a Public Pedagogical ExperimentThe Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy 13 (June 2018).

Brathwaitian Engines of Expression: Anthony Joseph on the Influence of Kamau Brathwaitesx salon 27 (February 2018).

Poetic Prisms: Pamela Mordecai on the Influence of Kamau Brathwaitesx salon 27 (February 2018).

He Changes Your Imagining”: Elaine Savory on the Influence of Kamau Brathwaitesx salon 27 (February 2018).

Determining the Difficult: Sheri-Marie Harrison’s Jamaica’s Difficult SubjectsAnthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal 12.2 (December 2015): Article 7.

“Capturing Beauty with a Caribbean Lens: A Conversation with Gerard Gaskin” sx salon: a small axe literary platform 18 (February 2015).

From Césaire’s Notebook to the NetAntilles: The CRB Blog (December 2013)

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What She Said” (review of Conversations with Paule Marshall, Eds James C. Hall and Heather Hathaway) Caribbean Review of Books, November 2011.

“‘This question of place’: a conversation with Kelly Baker JosephsAntilles: The CRB Blog (March 2011)

Head of the Class” (Review of You Don’t Play With Revolution: The Montreal Lectures of C.L.R. James, Ed David Austin) Caribbean Review of Books, July 2010.

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Published, Offline (print) Articles

“‘Kingston Full of Them’: Madwomen at the Crossroads” in Madness in Anglophone Caribbean Literature: On the Edge, Eds. Bénédicte Ledent, Evelyn O’Callaghan, and Daria Tunca (Palgrave MacMillan, 2018)): 19-38.

Handling with Care: On editing, invisibility, and affective labor” Special section on “What is Journal Work” Small Axe no. 50 (July 2016): 98-105.

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Articulating Caribbean Epistemologies” Introduction to edited section on Caribbean Epistemologies, Small Axe no. 43 (March 2014): 99-102.

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